Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moon rocks and Martians at the Clark Planetarium

This afternoon the Moonstormers engineering minds were drawn to the simple machine savvy of  Newton's Daydream ball mover. They saw the difference in wattage between an incandescent lightbulb and LED technology. And they had a great time being space cadets on the lunar and Martian landscapes. It was a really fun way to collect footage for the video essay. Now we all can't wait to watch it. Special thanks to Mrs. Moore for coming with us on this trip!
We'll meet at 1:00 again tomorrow to finish up the robot and work on some final video stuff.


  1. newtons daydream was my favorite. collin

  2. I love it at the space canter and i have been there before though i never got to take a close look at newtons daydream and i thought that was pretty cool. i want to offer a special thanks to Mrs. Moore she helped a lot.


  3. I liked the ball mover and that I learned that I am over 20 billion pounds on a neutron stare and thank You Mrs Moore Because you helped a lot with the video essay

    Devin G. Coombs

  4. I liked the ball mover as well. I had a very fun time there