BSA Robotics Merit Badge Requirements

Utah County 4-H
Robotics Merit Badge
A. Understand the following areas of study in robotics. Be prepared to explain each in your own words.
  • human-robot interface (How humans interact with robots. Examples of this are voice recognition, touch systems and bone conduction in medical applications, throat microphones, remote control)
  • mobility (How a robot gets around. Examples are: wheels, tracks and others)
  • manipulation (Tools the robot uses to accomplish a task. Examples are drill, claw, tactile hand with fingers, medical prosthesis, etc)
  • programming (How you talk to a machine. Instructions that tell the robot what to do based on the interpreted data. Examples are “If-Then” Statements, loops, variables, functions, repeats)
  • sensors (How a robot determines where it is and what is happening. Examples: camera, compass, thermal detection, proximity detection, microphones, touch sensors. 
    B. Identify one specific robot or kind of robot that you find most interesting. In one paragraph answer the following questions for robot.

      1. What does this robot do?
      2. How do humans interface or communicate with this robot?
      3. Describe the tools this robot uses to do its job.
      4. If the robot is mobile, how does it get around?
      5. What kinds of sensors does this robot use?

    C. Name three careers in robotics. Choose one that most interests you. In one paragraph, answer the following questions:
      1. What is most interesting to you about this career?
      2. Describe the education, training and experience this career requires. 
Resources and Enrichment Activities:
Obtain the Robotics Merit Badge Book from your local Scout Office
“How to Build a Robot.” Razor Robotics,
“How to Make a Robot.”, how-to-make-a-robot-lesson-1
“Robotics Tutorials.” ElectronicsTeacher. com,
Museum of Science Design Your Own Robot,