Robot Design Proposal

This design proposal is organized into six sections: the arm, the motors, the drive train, the sensors, accessories, and why we should be funded.
Our arm is made of light rods and connectors. The arm catches the rings and then rotates at 135 degrees and then transfers the rings to the two pronged rods, located right in front of the NXT brick.


There are three NXT motors; two for the rear wheel drive and one for the arm. There are also four power function motors.


The drive train is a rear wheel drive system. There are two NXT 1.0 half height wheels for support as it goes over crater walls and they are located behind the rear wheels of the robot. Next there are two NXT 1.0 wheels, and four NXT 1.0 wheel hubs.

  • 2 EOPD sensors( Electro-Optical Proximity Detector)
  • 1 Gyroscopic sensor (senses if it is tilted)
  • 1 Compass sensor (figures out where the Robot is)


Our accessories are a camera to take video and to take pictures. There are two IR link receivers.


We are inventors, writers, scientists and engineers of the future. We want to build in real life the things we are playing with today. We have made drawings for a sublimation hood- robot attachment to mine ice-water from the the moon. We are studying helium-3 to learn what machines and robots need to do to mine and safely transport it to the earth. We've also researched ways to protect our robot from radiation while in space. Also, because we come from Utah, the home of ATK, a great space pioneer. We are learning from the things they've done. And, we have a great idea for a scissor arm combined with a fork lift.