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___________ADVERTISING OUR STEM EVENT________________
The Moonstormers organized a live STEM education event to share what they have learned about the moon and the field of robotics. The Robot Fair was held on July 20 to celebrate the anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. The Moonstormers made fliers like the one shown here, and five 6 foot-long banners that they hung wherever the local cities would let them. They also flooded their Facebook circles of influence with information about the event over 2 days to get the word out.

Flier and press release:
Moonstormers Robotics Club presents
                                           2011 Robotics for Kids

                       Education Fair
                       Wed. July 20, 10:00 am- noon
                                         Thanksgiving Point Gardens Visitor Center

Lehi Moonstormers Robotics A Google Lunar X Prize Moonbots Challenge Team

Team of Utah Robotics Students to Host Free “Robotics for Kids” Education Fair

July 13, 2011- Children ages 8 to 18 and their families are invited to explore “The Future of Space Exploration” at a free fair held at the beautiful Thanksgiving Gardens Visitor Center on Wed. July 20 from 10am to noon.

Highlighting the fair, a representative from Alliant Techsystems, Inc. will speak to the group about its future plans for space exploration. Since 2001 ATK has been the world's largest supplier of solid propellant rocket motors and a leading provider of high-performance composite structures. The group will also be pleased to hear from NASA Resident Engineer Jay Sambamuthi about what it's like to work for NASA, and what education, training and experience is required to become a NASA engineer. Other invited guests include representatives from Utah County 4-H, Lego NXT Robot enthusiasts and the Lehi Moonstormers Robotics Club.

The event will be at the Thanksgiving Gardens Visitor Center at 3900 North Garden Drive, Lehi, Ut. 10 am to noon.
About Utah County 4-H- As part of the university land-grant system, Utah 4-H is administered through Utah State University's Cooperative Extension program in every county. 4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential by providing opportunities to practice life skills and learn by doing in a safe environment. The 4-H motto entails strengthening skills of the “heart”, “hands”, “head” and “health” including responsible citizenship, self-discipline, stress management, service learning, goal setting, and conflict resolution. Visit for more information.

About Moonbots Challenge 2.0- See the attached press release with contact information.

About the Moonstormers- The Moonstormers Robotics Team is composed of family, friends, and Lego NXT enthusiasts ages 10 to 12- years from Lehi, Ut. Chartered as a Utah 4-H Club just this Spring, they we pleasantly surprised when their efforts took them to the finals of the Google Lunar X Prize Moonbots Challenge in their inaugural year.

The Moonstormers have chosen to present this free Robotics Fair to learn from adults working in the space engineering field about the future of space exploration; and also to provide a community service for other kids their age to learn about space, the moon and the field of robotics as part of the final phase of the Moonbots Challenge. Go to for further information.

 Displaying Fliers and Posters